Brafo's Journey

When I tell people that I went to Africa, they always ask what for, and their most immediate assumption is that I went to do charity work as if Africa needs something from me. This notion is in stark contrast of the reality that Africa will always give more than what you can offer. 


The Truth Is...

I've had no interest in returning to Africa and would have never recognized the calling if it had not been for my mother. It was about 2 years ago now that she broke the news that she would be moving to Africa upon retiring from 30 years of work for the United Parcel Service and that she would like my assistance with  the transitional process, and so the journey began. It was Ghana that she's been in love with since the 80's when she changed her name from Sandra Ann Dickerson and renamed herself Yaa Asantewa the Asanti Queen warrior who led a group of men and women to fight off the British and prevent further colonialism. You could read more about Yaa Asantewa here .


Along the Way...

Warriors 2
In The Streets
Helping Mom Wash
Brothers in Ghana
Blushing Smile

I've had some breathtaking moments, met some beautifully spirited people, learned who I am as a man and who we are as a people. We traveled through Ghana visiting Kumasi and Accra and Akosomba and the Volta Region. Shook hands with the Asantehene, witnessed the making of the royal kente cloth and visited 2 of the 40 slave dungeons where my ancestors had experienced gruesome atrocities resulting in the largest recorded genocide in human existence. The resiliency of my people speaks volumes to the type of strength that runs through my blood. I am stronger because of this trip and through the process of recognizing who my ancestors are, I now have a better sense of who I am as a man.